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New Year

New Year

New year resonates with new beginnings and hews hopes. It is the time of year when everyone tries to put back the past events, and look forward to a bright and promising year. It occurs at the first date of the first month of the Gregorian calendar, which consist of twelve months. The eve of December 31 marks the celebration of the new year, where people all over the world count down the last 10 seconds to proceed to the new year. It is an occasion of joy, excitement, expectation and hope.

The festival brings people across the globe together to celebrate the event. They get together at major sports in the country, where thousands can throng in a large area. Mostly the countries plan elaborate events for their citizens to enjoy the new year. Among them, fireworks hold a significant place in the celebrations. Every year, Opera House in Sydney lit up the arena with exciting fireworks that thrill the globe with awe. San Francisco beautifies the night skies and invites the party animals to watch it from the Golden Gate Bridge, which enthuses one and all with joy. Hong Kong does not hold back and a visual orchestra is laid before the audience to enjoy the festival downright. London takes the new year festival a step ahead with offers of dining while watching the fireworks show and a parade, accompanying the new year sales throughout January in all big stores across the United Kingdom. The magnificence of lights, sound, colours and aesthetic appeal goes a notch above with the firework display at the biggest skyscraper in the world in Dubai. Ripples of euphoria and delight pass among the crowd with loud cheering and shouting.

The new year falls in the holiday season which demands together-time with friends and family making it one of the special occasions. It calls for personalized gifts, partying, feasting, drinking, late-time talks and relishing the moments with the near and the dear ones. Homes are deep-cleaned and various decorative items are hung to welcome the vibrancy and zest of the new year. People may also venture into a family vacation or fun trips with friends. Resolutions too form a major aspect of the new year festival, where people promise themselves to indulge in something they have never done before. It assures a positive attitude one has towards life in being a better version of themselves.

Feasting is a principal feature of many festivals. Some countries or customs have specific ways to observe the new year. Legumes are a common dish in many countries where it is considered a symbol of financial prosperity. Italy uses lentils while black-eyed peas in the United States of America. Spain follows the Twelve Grapes tradition where a grape is consumed with every strike of the cloak leading to midnight. They believe it will bring good luck in the new year. Pork is another major item placed at dining tables of the natives of Cuba, Hungary, Austria and Portugal which is considered to resemble prosperity.

The new year celebration represents the idea of a new beginning in life where one can initiate things on a new slate. All worries and wishes are bidden goodbye to begin a fresh start. It accommodates all people irrespective of class, creed or colour, welcoming everyone and prepping for new ways and wonders. 


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