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About us

As an artist and entrepreneur at heart, Norma Mohandas (our founder) always had a dream of starting a business that was unique and could easily connect with many people. In 2021 while shopping for a unique gift for her close friend, she realized that there was no place online or a traditional shop to find a good personalized gift that meet her needs, which triggered her thinking: "Why can't I create an online platform that focuses primarily on personalized gifting?" The decision was then made to start the business, and the next step was to find a good name for it. While thinking about the name and playing with her new born baby, she realized that there was no better name for the website than the baby's pet name which was "Dudu". The word "Online" was added to the baby's name to make the name bit digital, thus creating the brand "Dudus Online."

Since the inception Dudus Online focused on creating premium quality personalized good at the best price in market and is making customers happy all over India. Dudus Online has always and will be forever focusing on making the gift search and purchasing experience hassle free. All the printed products that are available in the website are handmade by talented team at Dudus Online.

We believe that a personalized gift has the ability to convey emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a unique and meaningful way.


Our vision is to be a leading provider of personalized gifts in India, helping individuals connect and deepen their relationships through the power of personalized gifts.


Our mission is to help our customers express their emotions and make their relationships stronger through the gift of personalized products. We strive to provide a wide range of high-quality personalized gifts and exceptional customer service, so that every customer can find the perfect gift to make their relationships stronger. We believe that personalized gifts have the power to bring people closer together and create memories that last a lifetime.

Why we are different from others

We focus on power of personalization in every gifts that we sell. We believe unlike traditional gifts, personalized gifts can connect more between the giver and the recipient as the recipient will understand the time and effort taken by the giver to prepare the present along with the memories and messages that get passed to the receiver with the personalized gifts.
It's for sure to make them feel happy and get a genuine smile back.