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Photo frames

We all love beautiful photographs and have a collection of old photographs and prints that are kept in albums and frames for years. However, sometimes these old photos are damaged beyond repair by the light, time and dust. So why not replace them with new high quality personalized photo frames from Dudus Online? They're ideal for adding new photographs or pictures to your home to remember and share special moments with your family, friends and visitors. Whether you want to create a stunning display of your own art or buy an affordable, modern frame that will last forever, Dudus Online are the specialists you can trust. With personalized photo frames in various sizes and styles, ranging from black to white and other colours, they're all at an affordable price. Check out our wide selection and you will find something suitable for your taste and style.

All photo frames are available in black and white color.

Frames available in all sizes

Shop custom photo frames online by size to find the perfect fit for your photos. From small frames that hang on a wall to large frames that sit on a desk, find the perfect frame for your photos.

4 x 6 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
6 x 8 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
8 x 12 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
9 x 12 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
12 x 18 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
14 x 18 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
10 x 10 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
12 x 12 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
15 x 15 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
18 x 18 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
24 x 24 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
30 x 30 inch photo frame from Dudus Online
Custom sized photo frames

Dudus special photo frames

There are all sorts of personalized photo frames to choose from when framing your favorite photos. However, sometimes you may want something a little bit more special than the average photo frame. This is where Dudus Online's special personalized photo frames come in. There are all sorts of custom photo frames online to choose from, depending on what your interests are. If you're a fan of nature, there are frames made from wood or bamboo that feature natural designs.

Browse other home decor photo frames

Personalized photo frames can be a great way to add some personality to your home decor. They can also be a way to showcase your favorite photos. There are all sorts of different custom unique photo frame gifts online available, so you can find the perfect one for your home. You can choose a personalized photo frame that matches the style of your home, or you can choose a photo frame that stands out and makes a statement.

Free Shipping

For all frames across India. No minimum quantity.

Bulk order

Get attractive discounts on bulk order of frames.

Multi size

Get frames in any size and shape you need with free customization.

Quality photos

All the photos for the frames are printed on high quality and durable papers.

Shop custom photo frames at Dudus Online

Custom photo frames

Do you have an unique idea / requirement about photo frames? Our team can help you deliver the most unique photo frame gift that suits your custom requirement.

- We will design your photo frame for free

- Free delivery on the frame

- Frame priced per size

Connect with our team in WhatsApp to get your personalized photo frames designed and delivered.

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Print And Frame Photos Online India

You can now print and frame your favorite photos online from anywhere in the world. Get started here at Dudus Online

Personalized Photo Frames

If youโ€™re looking for a personalized photo frame, there are plenty of options available online. You can choose from a wide range of frames, such as wood, metal, acrylic, glass, and even ceramic. You can also personalize them with any text or image you desire.ย Our custom online photo framing service allows you to choose from a variety of different sizes and styles of photo frames. You can also upload your own images and we will print them onto canvas prints.

Custom Photo Prints

There are so many ways to customize a photo print, whether youโ€™re looking at custom canvas prints, wall art, or other products. You can add a special message, use one of our pre-designed templates, or upload your own photos.

- Make sure your photos are in high resolution. This means they should be at least 300 dpi to get the best results during printing.

Unique photo frame gift

A unique photo frame gift is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. With so many different styles and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect frame to suit any taste. Whether you opt for a traditional wood frame or something more modern, a unique photo frame gift is sure to be cherished for years to come.

Read our blog for A Comprehensive Guide to Printing and Framing Photos Online in India

FAQs about photo frames

Q: How much does a photo frame cost?
Our range of photo frames start from Rs. 450 onwards for a tabletop photo frame ranging upto Rs. 2000 for any custom frames of your syle and design.

Q: How to order photo frames online?
It's easy and can be done in very few steps. Once you are in photo frames page in Dudus Online website, select the type of photo frames from the wide range of categories, then choose a template design, then upload your photo and place the order. Once your order is placed, we print the uploaded photo and then convert it into a beautiful photo frame. The preparation and packing of the frame usually takes 2 takes and another week for delivery.

Q: How to frame photos on wall?
Choose the favourite photo you need to be framed. Choose the type of photo frame based on your wall design. Choose the frame template or get one created by our team. Place your order. The frame comes with a steady pin and hook at the back of the photo frame for you to hang it easily on the wall.

Q: How photo frames are made?
Main components of the photo frames are made with synthetic wood. The frames are then cut out and pasted into the desired style as per the requirement. For the customized / specializedd frames, the photos are processed and printed in the right resolution on the frame wood and then polished and packed. For the standard photo frames, the photos are printed on high quality paper and then sandwiched between a black board and glass and then attached to the frame outer layer. All frames while packed are carefully placed between thermocol and the sides are protected using the thick and hard ankle boards hence assuring the safety during delivery.

Q: How to get a digital picture printed and framed?
All of the digital photos before printing are processed at our studio for color correction and setup (if required), layout adjustment and other post processing functions and the printed.
The printed photos are then framed as per the customer requirement.

Q: How to get photos printed and framed?
It's easily done in few steps. Simply upload your photos in the photo frames product page and we take care of rest. If you would like to have any special themed or style photo frames please contact our support team.

Q: Can I get my photos printed online?
Yes, There are 3 options, (1) Please upload your photos online at any of the required product page (2) Choose to get the standard prints. Refer card stock prints or get prints section in the website. (3) Contact our support team and we are happy to help always.

Q: How many frames could be printed at one time?
There are no limits you can get your photos printed as many as you want. The more the count of photos, lesser be the price.

Q: Why do printed pictures fade?
The main reason why pictures fade is due to the exposure to the sun light. This process is called photo degradation. The other reason why photos fade is due the wrap of elements or dust around the photos. The other common reason for pictures to fade is fungus.

Q: Is photo frame a good gift?
Yes, Ofcourse. Photo frames are still considered as the best gift due to the impact it brings on the recipient. It's preserving memory forever. Also photo frames act as the major element for elevating the home decor.

Q: Photos for photo frames are printed on which paper?
Most of the photos in the photo frames are printed on premium paper ranging its thickness from 180-220 GSM. This depends on the type and design of the frame that is choosen.

Q: Which photo format is best for printing?
Any raw image formats are good for printing. The preffered options are TIFF and PNG. Other file format that is commonly used is PDF.

Q: How do we pack photo frame for gift?
The first step of packing includes setting up the raw materials such as corrugated box, thermocol, wrapping paper, ankle boards and tapes. The photo frame is first sandwiched between 2 thermocols and then taped right to avoid shaking. This piece is then gift wrapped to get the feel of the gift. The ankle boards are placed inside the delivery box and loose edges are tightened with thermocol or similar objects. The gift wrapped photo frame is then placed carefully inside the ankle boards and the box is the sealed to perfection.

Q: What are the best photo frames gift ideas?
From the 10+ photo frame categories you can choose between 100s of designs and templates of photo frames. Read more about the photo frame gift ideas in our blog

Q: Where can I get wholesale photo frames online in India?
We at Dudus Online offers standard and customized photo frames at an affordable cost without affecting the quality of frames. Connect with our support team to know about wholesale rate for the frames.