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Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

Although meeting and having a great time together with your far-away partner this V-day is the ideal scenario, it’s nearly out of the question. Particularly if your significant other resides on the opposite end of the country. No matter where you live, you can still express your love and appreciation to that particular someone this Valentine’s day with gifts that maintain connection.

As we at Dudus Online understand gift-giving can be hard, added to it comes the extra stress of distance that keeps both of you away. We have curated Valentine's Day ideas for long distance relationships for your inspiration. From simple bespoke gifts to passionate gestures, keep reading for all that make your partner loved, no matter the distance. 


Looking for uncommon goods to gift your SP? One of the Valentine's Day gifts for long distance relationships which is quite self-explanatory is mugs. A mug with the reminder of warm moments you had with them makes the distance feel less intimidating. So at any time they take a sip from the mug, be sure that you will cross their mind. Brew a coffee and say how much you love your gift to your significant other talking on the phone!


Are there gifts for long distance lovers that can make someone look back on their fond memories? Let those memories you made with them stay as is by gifting them something to embrace. It’s a sure-shot way to replace your absence and the moment they hug it, they will be sent back to your memories. In spite of the distance that separates you both, you will be the first and last thought of your far-away partner every day. Courtesy to the custom pillow- can be a thoughtful reminder of your bonding. Whisper to her: Hug this pillow until you can hug me without actually saying it with Dudus Online pillow!

Photo Album 

Imagine those short trips you made with your love interest, or moments of your dinner night or even a family gathering- why not collage them on a nicely done photo album and gift it to your boo. Blow them away with this unexpected gesture this V-day and discuss every memory through videocall. You can't go wrong with long distance relationship gifts like a photo album. For more gift ideas, feel free to visit Dudus online blogs!

Art - portrait, caricature, leaf art, art on wood

Gifts for long distance partners don’t have to be on the costly side to be great. Any gift with a personal flair such as a portrait, caricature, leaf art or wooden art shows that you have put your heart and soul into gift-giving. It will act as a cue of your degree of care even if you are not near them. Surprise your partner with a piece of art from Dudus Online!

Chocolates in personalized cover (we add additional cover with customer photo and message)

Most couples exchange chocolates on Valentine's Day as a tradition. Well, this Valentine’s day, spice up your celebrations with a box of chocolates with a twist- wrapped up in a cover! Luckily sending them off to your love interest is easy peasy with Dudus Online! Valentine's Day presents for long distance relationships are a fantastic way to put a smile on the faces of those you're apart from, isn't it? 

LED key chain (heart shaped and round)

Wondering what aspect qualifies key chains to be perfect keepsakes? The reason is that we take them everywhere! If it works for you then try an LED keychain that your partner will absolutely love. It may look tiny but serves as a reminder of you all the time. The reason? That's because these gifts for long distance couples got a snap of both of you. With Dudus Online, you can add a photo of your liking to make gifts that maintain a connection complete!

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Now that you know what unique gift you should gift your boo, take a look at various ways to enjoy the day:

Watch a movie- If it's hard to enjoy a movie in a shared couch, then play the same movie from different time zones. Make a video call at once to add that dose of connection. 

Pen down handwritten letters- We all stay connected with video chat, whatsapp calls or mail. Why not take the old school way for authoring a love note? Don't forget to squirt your signature perfume before sending your love letters. 

Send out a care package- Show them how much you pamper them with a special package! It can be a specific food, souvenir or even a collection of everything experiences you've had together.

Dinner date- Why not spend this valentine's day dropping by at different branches of a nationwide restaurant chain and enjoy identical meals. Make it a date night to remember by ordering your favourite delicacies. Deck up in a fanciest outfit and charm them.

Hope that one of our romantic valentines day gifts for long distance relationships makes your SP feel extra loved. No matter the miles that keep you both apart and all the time differences, Just a little thought for gift-giving this year will make a big difference. The next thing that you know is that your love interest is shedding tears on the phone keeping your present close to their heart. Shop our perfect gifts now!

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