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A winter festival, holiday season and the jingle bells in the air. Christmas is one of the biggest festivals in the world where the majority of the people indulge in this special occasion which is celebrating the birth of the messiah of God, Jesus. It is marked on the 25th of December as a religious or a cultural festivity that brings everyone together. The beginnings of this festival are still contested, but it is considered that the Roman Emperor Constantine celebrated this particular festival in 336 AD which came to be followed thereon.  

The preparations for Christmas begin a long back from the actual date to accommodate the vast array of festivities that accompanies the celebration. People indulge in buying decorations, presents, personalized gifts, food and clothes for friends and family. Homes, educational institutions and offices are thoroughly cleaned and decorated for the event. Streets and lanes are ornamented with lights and lanterns that scream the arrival of Christmas. Pine trees are cut or the trees are bought to be placed inside the houses. Christmas cards and Christmas trees are also a common sight inside shopping malls, offices and various outlets that celebrate the festival. They are adorned with stars, Santa Clause, led lights, and more. Gifts are traditionally placed under the tree, where children try to find the items send by Santa clause. They are usually kept inside a sock with simple, small gifts ranging from a cookie, chain, rings, money or wrapped gift boxes.

The church is decorated for the event and believers throng the place to offer prayers. Christmas carols, songs, skits and other performances become part of church activities during Christmas. Later friends and father gather to share meals and exchange gifts. Turkey and wine form a customary meal in the households that celebrate the festival. Plum cakes, creamy cakes, cupcakes, all form part of the festival meal. Carols are played on different media and are sung by the family when they get together. People sometimes try to wear similar clothes with red and white colour in them. They may also don the costumes of Santa Clause, also called Father Christmas carrying gifts and visiting homes to spread happiness. The legendary character is believed to come in a sleigh pulled by reindeers in the air. One of the most popular songs of Christmas is the ‘jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way’, where children enthusiastically sing to welcome Santa Clause.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated globally with people from various backgrounds mingling with the festivities to enrich the values of sharing and togetherness. Irrespective of diverse backgrounds Christmas act as an observance of peace and harmony. People from various walks of life gather to celebrate the Christian values of sacrifice and unity. Gifts and presents are exchanged with one another to foster relationships. The morals and principles are transferred to the next generation to celebrate Christmas with magnificent displays that can enlighten all and lead them to the path of glory. It is a festival of fun and entertainment. Christmas brightens hope and unfurls wishful thinking among all.

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