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Wanted attitude plates

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Discover "Wanted" Attitude Plates - Flaunt Your Unconventional Style!

Introducing our exclusive "Wanted" Attitude Plates - the perfect way to showcase your unconventional attitude and unique style! Crafted from durable steel and meticulously machine-pressed, these plates are designed to make a statement on your wardrobe or automobile.

Featuring the word "Wanted" in captivating designs, these attitude plates exude an aura of confidence and intrigue. With a reliable 3M self-adhesive sticker, fixing them on doors, wardrobes, or any surface is a breeze.

Stand out from the crowd, and let your personality shine with our "Wanted" Attitude Plates. Add a touch of rebellious charm and distinction to your personal space or vehicle, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever you go!

  • Machine pressed steel plates
  • It can be fixed on walls and doors or wardrobe
  • It comes with adhesive tape
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