Monogram letterpads

A personalized smart and simple monogram letterpad that brings the power of writing to everyone. Write, speak and type, all on a special letterpad designed to suit your personality.

Monogram Letterpads

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Dudu's monogram-letterpads
If you strive to keep the tradition of letter-writing alive in the era of instant messaging, you will love the monogrammed stationery of Dudu’s Online. We let you create letters with in-depth personalization that feature your monogram, name, and initials in beautiful colors and eye-catching fonts. Whether it is a Thank You note, or a love letter, jotting it down on monogrammed stationery will make it more earnest and inspiring.
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Monogram Letterpads info

Paper type
Premium A4 sized sheet
Other info
Available in a pack of 99 individual pages (Set of 33 each per gold, blue and red design).
Packing mode
Labelling and packing
Delivered in a hardback envelopes to secure from rough handling during delivery.

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