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A personalized photo mug for all seasons. Express yourself with your own personalized coffee mugs. Start creating unique designs and customizing your perfect mug today! It will be your companion for coffee, hot chocolate, or any other hot drink that requires a cup. Customize your own photo mug online now!


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Dudu's mug

A personalized coffee mug is a great gift for any occasion. You can find different shapes and sizes to choose from. And they make great gifts for friends, family, and colleagues.


Here at Dudus Online, we show you some of the most popular and cool personalized mugs on the market. So go ahead and start designing and start creating your perfect coffee mug today!


Personalized coffee mugs are one of the most used gifts in the world. Many people use their coffee mugs to have coffee or tea, but with a personal touch. There are also many different designs to choose from, like for example personal photos, quotes, or drawings. And don't forget to add a nice personal message to your coffee mug.


With a custom photo mug, you can express yourself and your personal style. It is very easy to create your own personalized photo mug online and start expressing yourself.


Simply browse through all the possible options available and choose the one you like. Next, choose your preferred photo, and add your personal messages. Finally, complete your personal coffee mug design and upload it to the web.


If you have a special event coming up, you can create a customized mug that will remind you of that special occasion for many years. Customized coffee mugs are not only great personalized gifts for any occasion but also very functional. You can use them as your favourite mug, and you can carry them around wherever you go. They are also ideal for making your coffee or tea, or any other hot drink, much more enjoyable.


Here at Dudus Online, we believe that everyone should be able to express themselves. With the personal photo mug, you can share your favourite photos or a beautiful drawing which helps you start the day in the right mood. They are the most sought photo gifts in the market.


Photos printed on the ceramic mugs at Dudus Online are a perfect gift for many occasions like friendship day, mothers day, fathers day, women's day, birthday and also is the best option for anniversary gifts as the tea mug has your memory printed on it.


There are many different types of personal photo mugs available: there are photo mugs with just one image, photo mugs with many different images, and photo mugs with a collage of images. Personalized photo mug designs are also a fun gift for kids. For events like birthdays, you can choose from options like birthday mugs with photos or a birthday cup with name and photo.


You can buy customized photo mugs in different colours, with one, two, or three images. Or you can choose a customized photo mug with a collage of images, and personalize it with just a few words and drawings. With a personalized photo mug, you can also show your love to those you care about. Your photo mug can be used as a reminder of how much you care about your loved ones, or your personal photo mug can be a reminder of a happy moment.


Personalized photo mugs make great gifts for any occasion. They are a fun way of expressing yourself, and they are also a functional gift


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Mug info

Material type
Ceramic mug
Material description
Standard size ceramic mug with 235ml capacity
Other info
Base white color mug with your personalized design printed on outside. Pour your hot drink into the mug to see the magic for magic mugs.
Packing mode
Labelling and packing
Box made specially to hold the ceramic mug protecing it from cracks and breaking.

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