Ludo board

Ludo board is the perfect way to bring people together. Its a game designed to be enjoyed by all ages, from young children mastering their first steps on ludo boards and xylophones, to grandparents testing their memory skills. We make ludo more fun an easy with the personalization on the playing board.

Ludo Board

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Dudu's ludo-board

Ludo board games is the perfect way to bring people together. It's a game designed to be enjoyed by all ages, from young children mastering their first steps on ludo boards and xylophones, to grandparents testing their memory skills. We make ludo more fun and easy with the personalization on the playing board.


Formerly called Parcheesi, the ludo game is the world’s most popular board game and its popularity is growing. It has been played for thousands of years in many forms all over the world. Ludo, or “Ludo Mondiale” as it is also known, is now the national game in Belgium. It has grown in popularity to become one of the world’s most loved dice games.


The name comes from Latin Ludus meaning game and the word dice, which is also used for playing cards.


A great gift for young or old! This game will never be forgotten! Ludo board game for everybody!


Ludo games are great for group activities and parties. The board game can be played solo or with two people, the possibilities are endless. At Dudus Online we make ludo board games more fun and easy with the personalization on the playing board. This way your guests and players will feel special and welcome on your party.


How do I customize my board?


Ludo boards are custom printed on a sturdy cardboard board. You choose the colours and designs that best suit your theme or event. Choose from our wide range of board games templates and get your print ready in no time. We provide you with high-quality, eco-friendly printing materials at low costs.


With our online ordering system, it's easy to choose from a vast collection of game board sizes, color patterns, border styles and shapes, and even customize with your own text.


Ludo board game is one of the most popular board games. And therefore, you are sure that there is a large selection of templates that suit your event or occasion. You can order one single ludo board, multiple boards or the complete set for one day. Make them feel special.


Order ludo online and don’t miss out on this awesome party game! Ludo (pronounced loo-doh) is one of the oldest and most famous board games in history. It is believed that the rules date back at least 5,000 years. Ludo, also known as Parcheesi, was first played in Europe around 100 BC by the Romans.


The original game consisted of 12 or more players with one player serving as the judge or umpire. Players used pebbles or bean bags and were required to move each piece on the board in turn to a square marked with a letter and number. Whoever was closest to the goal when the time was up wins the game.


The classic board game developed further, and the pieces became smaller, but the basic principles remain the same today. Ludo board games have been played in many forms across Europe, Asia and North America. The original board was a solid board, with a square central area and a circle around it. In most countries, this pattern is still the official one.


How do I place my order?


Select your theme and personalize it through our online ordering system. Select the number of boards you want and complete the checkout. Your order will be shipped to your specified address in time. Each ludo board is individually cut, with no corners and all edges rounded off. It can be easily assembled by a group of friends and family at your party.


With your ludo game, you get a complete set for one day that includes everything you need for the perfect party game. 


Are the playing boards suitable for children?


Playing board games with rounded edges makes ludo board game a great game for kids, especially for young children who are just learning how to read. Our ludo board games have rounded edges so that your children can have fun with their friends and not hurt themselves when they knock over the board. The round edges mean that there are no sharp pointy corners. With rounded edges and no sharp corners, children will have a safe and enjoyable ludo party.


Dudus Online is proud to be a supplier of high quality ludo boards. We have a wide range of templates that fit every occasion. You can order a single ludo board game or a whole set of ludo games. We also provide you with accessories to make your game more fun.


To keep your ludo boards organized you can choose a pair of ludo dice bags.


Apart from these ludo board games we also provide other board games like snake and ladders and card games like memory games and traditional personalized card games. Playing with friends is now more fun with the personalized board games from Dudus Online. These multiplayer mode games are much better than playing online video games and it makes the human interaction real and more lively.

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Material type
Premium cardboards
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Premium high quality paper boards, packed perfect in a matching box.
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Available in standard 10x10 size
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Packed securely inside a thick packaging box filled with materials protecting your personalized game.

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