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Christmas & New Year Gifts

Dudus Online is your one-stop shop for personalized Christmas and New Year gifts! With a wide selection of unique gifts to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. And with our fast and free shipping, you can have your unique Christmas gifts delivered right to your doorstep in time for the holidays! So what are you waiting for? Shop now and make this holiday season extra special!

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Get your home holiday ready with these Christmas decoration gifts!

The holidays are a special time of year where family, friends, and loved ones get together to celebrate. What better way to show your holiday spirit than by decorating your home with beautiful Christmas decorations? Shop our great decoration gift products that will help you get your home ready for the holidays!

Welcome this New Year with unique personalized calendars

This New Year, welcome in the new season with something unique - a personalized calendar! These one-of-a-kind calendars are made with your favorite photos, images, and text, making them perfect for anyone and everyone. Plus, they make great gifts! So start customizing your own calendar today and ring in the New Year in style.

Get custom Christmas gifts created at Dudus Online

Custom Christmas Gifts

Do you have an idea that needs to be crafted as a gift?

We can help you with that. Our team of talented craftsmen and artists can help you get your unique Christmas gift ideas into one-of-a-kind special gifts.

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Gifts for Your Loved Ones to Celebrate Christmas and New Year in 2023

Christmas is one of the most important holidays and the most lively times of the year, and for a good reason. But, the importance of Christmas has begun to fade away amidst our customs and stuff. You might be asking yourself- what is the importance of Christmas? Yes, it marks the birth of Jesus Christ about 2000 years back and has its own charm.

Importance of gifting

Keep reading to understand the importance of gifting on Christmas:

Related to the Bible

Gifting is strongly tied to Biblical scripture. Soon after the birth of Christ, three wise men visited the newborn. Legend says that the wise men or Magi carried presents for the Lord like Gold, Myrrh(a fragrant gum resin) and frankincense(an aromatic gum resin). 

Family customs

With Christmas come family customs. Whether you’re wondering why and how we celebrate Christmas, doubtlessly you will come upon customs that are passed on as each year passes. Maybe you dish up your favourite cuisine year after year or take a walk down the road to explore Xmas lights. 

Express your heartfelt emotions 

Nothing quite shows that you care by exchanging Christmas presents, which is rather thoughtful and effortless. It lets them know that they cross your mind and that you have put effort into picking personalized Christmas Gifts Online that they can’t help but love. 

A far-reaching greeting 

The importance of gifting stretches to conveying your love to that son/partner/daughter/parent back in your hometown whom you haven’t met for ages. Although you find it impossible to celebrate this Christmas with them, it doesn’t mean that you cannot express your affection or friendship with meaningful and affordable Christmas gifts. 

Now you can send personalized Christmas gifts to someone you love and care about. Your first stop should be the internet when looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for 2022.  

How do we celebrate Christmas?

Gift-giving is one custom that is widely practised this Christmas season. There are luxury Christmas gifts and funny Christmas gifts for kids in the market, which include toys, books to garments besides gifts for adults. Then comes Christmas tree decoration which is another major tradition. Christmas trees are adorned to perfection with ribbons, pine cones, lights, stars and the like. Also, many families host a sumptuous Christmas dinner, which can comprise conventional dishes and concoctions. 

Christmas and gifting culture 

Through the years, Asian families follow family-specific traditions for celebrating Xmas with grandparents or at relatives’ homes. They exchange gifts and stick to fixed timing for gift-giving and gift-revealing. Late-night Christmas Eves also make for the favoured time for a gift exchange. Shopping for Christmas Presents begins right after the Thanksgiving ceremony. 

The ones who attend midnight services at Church unbox their Xmas gifts in the wee hours of December 25th. The gifts are opened to reveal anything from clothing to mugs and greeting cards. Gifts with a personal touch are gaining traction lately.

Importance of gifting in the new year

The custom of exchanging presents is an integral part of all celebrations. The same is true for the new year 2023. Often an age-old fiesta, New year is the event when we exchange the most upscale new year present to our loved ones and wish that they start the year on a sweet note. Wondering how the gift-exchanging custom is tied to the New year festivities? 

The motive behind this tradition is to send greetings to each other for a good start. Legend says that this tradition helps to relieve sour past and create a feeling of togetherness and affection to those who matter to you. Owing to that we say it with a new year present. As a result, this custom is cherished by people all across the world.

How we celebrate the new year

There are plenty of ways in which Indians celebrate the new year. As the clock ticks 12 on new year's day, you can find the sky lit up with fireworks. People share food and drinks and have a good time. Then comes the exchange of a new year present and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be an upscale gift- you can let your loved one know that they cross your mind even without trying. 

Last but not the least is Christmas resolution, which enhances lives in the present state. People stick to many new year resolutions such as learning a foreign language, reading a new novel or starting active involvement in gardening. And the fun part is that no one actually sticks to the resolution for long. 

Now that you know about the traditions and importance of Christmas, go ahead to surprise your loved one. Fret not, they are also putting in their efforts to send you a smile. Give your loved ones bliss by letting Dudus Online send the magic of the season to them.

5 gift rule for Christmas

This year, make the Christmas gift giving experience different than before with the meaningful 5 gift rule.

Something they want
This will be something big that the kid want, usually a toy or something to play with. At Dudus Online we got you covered with wide range of personalized board games and card games that are perfect for this holiday season are is sure to hold the kids in the play area.

Something they need
Gifts are special and those memories are to last forever. Consider giving something that they carry for long time along with them always. Wallet cards and other stationery items are sure to please.

Something to wear
The most natural choice here are the apparels. Shop Christmas themed T-Shirts and button badges at Dudus Online. Shop the custom designs that makes the kids smile and excited this holiday season.

Something to read
Kids enjoy reading books, and when they pause reading the like to bookmark it. When the bookmarks are special and custom made based on specific themes, kids will move from enjoying to loving reading. Gift your kid with Christmas themed and custom bookmarks from Dudus Online.

Show you care
Make gifts personalized to every kid and show them you care. By listening to them and understanding what they need we will get to know what's in their mind and personalize it. This will make the feel extra special and they will understand our effort to get the gift. These thoughts of gifting will make them truly happy.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Gifting Enthusiast

The season of giving and receiving gifts is a time of joy, excitement and commonality. It also marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and many people like to take part in this activity by purchasing presents for their friends, family members and acquaintances. The great thing about gift-giving at any time of year is that there are so many different ways to participate. You can choose to purchase a gift for someone else or you can open your home and heart to those who need love and friendship during this special time of year. If you’re interested in finding some great gift ideas for the gifting enthusiast in your life then keep reading! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Learn about the person you’re buying for

The first step to finding a gift for someone is understanding who you’re buying for and what their interests are. If you know this information, then it makes the process of gift-giving so much easier. If you know the person you’re buying for has a preference for novelty items, then it might be a good idea to purchase something like a handmade gift or something unique like a Christmas ornament with their name on it.. This way, they can enjoy something they already love while also receiving a sweet new gift! If you want to find a great gift that can be used over and over again and will last them all year long, then consider purchasing one of these gifts:

- A personalized Christmas themed photo album.

- A Christmas special T-Shirt.

- A custom designed hoop art.

Showering Someone with Special Gifts

There are lots of great gift ideas for those who love to receive them. If the gifting enthusiast in your life is a foodie, then you can find a unique kitchen set that they’ll love. A gift card could be another great idea for someone who loves to shop. If they like to read or have a favorite book, you can buy them a new one or gift a personalized Christmas greeting card with custom wishes printed on it. One of the best gifts you can give someone is an experience that will bring joy and happiness to their lives for years to come. It's also important to remember that there are many other types of people that may need assistance during this time of year as well so make sure you don't forget about them!

Gifts with a Story and Benefit

It’s a story within a gift and it’s something that your recipient can enjoy every day. A great idea is to give someone an inspirational quote or bookmarks or a book with quotes on it. It’s always nice to have something to share with others when you are feeling down or need some encouragement. If you want to make the gift feel more personal, consider giving them the perfect present for their interests. Gifts should also be practical and useful for your recipient. You don’t want any unused items cluttering up their home! A great idea is to give your gifting enthusiast an assortment of cards that they can use for holiday parties, holidays in general and even birthday parties. These cards are easy to carry around and will be used time and time again. Some other great ideas include giving your gifting enthusiast a custom printed neon light or other Christmas special home decor gift products.

Be Original

One of the best ways to make a memorable gift is to be original. You can start by brainstorming some ideas with your giftee and then you can decide if you want to do something like decorate a space or cook a meal. Be sure not to get so creative that your gift becomes too difficult for someone else to create on their own! If you’re looking for a great time-saving option, simply browse through our Christmas store that allow you to buy customized gifts. For example, a simple Christmas theme badge will be a perfect fit for the occasion.

Gifts with a Cause

With so many people in the world living in poverty, it can be difficult to find gifts that will make a difference. One way you can help is by giving someone a gift that supports an event or organization. It's not always about spending big money! At Dudus Online we share our principle of eco-friendly gifting with tree nation. i.e. for all orders a tree is planted. i.e. Your one order equals to a new tree planted.

Show them you care

Gift-giving begins with an act of kindness. This can be expressed through giving a thoughtful gift that speaks to the receiver’s interests, hobbies or personality. Take a moment to think about what the recipient would love and then do something about it. Another great idea for those on your list is to purchase items that make their life easier. For example, simple traditional gifts like greeting cards, photo albums, stationery items etc. will make a good impact and will showcase your efforts in letting them know that you care for them.

For the Office Neighbour or Colleague

For the office neighbour or colleague in your life, one great option is to purchase a personalized game board or personalized jigsaw puzzle. This can be a great gift for someone who likes to stay entertained all day long! Another great idea for the office neighbour or colleague would be to purchase items to decorate their office or work space. For the reader or writer in your office, it's great to get a personalized notebook and a bookmark that tag along. For the traveller, get personalized travel tags. It’s also a great idea if you want something more personal than just watching a movie together because it will give you two chances at some quality time together.

Personalized Goods

One great idea is to purchase a personalized gift. You can personalize the gift by adding their name, a special message, or another personalized symbol on the item. A personalized good is always unique and unique gifts are always appealing to people. Another great idea for a personalized gift is to purchase a painting of their favorite pet. This is an excellent way for someone who loves animals to show that love and care in an unusual way. Not only does this present have sentimental value but it also has the ability to be displayed for years to come. A third option for a personalized present would be buying something that can be used as decor in their home, such as framed art work, candles or decorative plates or bowls. These items will serve as decoration at all times of the year and they will add personality and charm to any space they're placed in. Finally, you could purchase an item that requires assembly such as a puzzle or board game. Many people enjoy these types of items during the holidays because they provide hours of fun entertainment that's free from screens and devices!

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