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How to Make Customized DIY Photo Frames With Photos

How to Make Customized DIY Photo Frames With Photos

Customized photo frames are easy to create using inexpensive materials. This project uses wood, acrylic paint, and various other supplies that you probably already have in your home.

Create a Frame from an Old Picture Frame.

You will need: An old picture frame (or any frame) A piece of wood (preferably 1/4 inch thick) Acrylic paint (any color) Sandpaper (fine grit) Wood glue (optional) Scissors (for cutting out shapes)

Cut Out a Piece of Cardboard or Paper.

Start by cutting out a piece of cardboard or paper. This should be at least as big as the frame you plan to use. Then cut out a shape that fits inside the frame. If you choose to make a frame with a border, then cut out an extra piece of cardboard or paper to cover the outside edge of the frame.

Add Some Color with Paint.

You can add some color to your frame using paint. Just apply a coat of acrylic craft paint to the entire frame. Let dry completely before adding photos.

Glue the Pieces Together.

Once you’ve painted the frame, glue the pieces together with wood glue. This will ensure that the frame stays put when you hang it up.

Hang it up!

To make sure the frame looks good, use a picture mat to protect the surface of the wall. You can also add a border to give the frame some extra visual interest.

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