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Personalized Greeting Cards for loved ones

Personalized Greeting Cards for loved ones

Gifts are a significant part of showing emotions. We spend a long time choosing a gift for our loved ones. Why do we think it is too important to find the perfect one?


Because there is a joy of gifting!


There is a joy to see the sparkle in our loved one’s eyes when they open the gift. When they smile with a tiny tear in the corner of their eye, when they laugh until their stomach hurts, when they say how much they loved it...that moment makes everything special. That brings the joy of gifting. 

Gifts are a symbol of happiness and celebration. It expresses our feelings and shows how someone is meaningful in our life. It can be for the birthday of our special one. It can be for expressing your love…. It can be a reward. It can be for congratulating someone. It can be to say an apology. Or a thank you. Even a goodbye. That is why people are willing to spend time and money to find unique gifts for their loved ones without expecting anything in return.


Gifts are memories of a special occasion. We all have that one gift that reminds us of a memorable occasion. It is not necessary to be an expensive one... It might be in the corner of your room untouched or it might be right next to your pillow every night…You might have even kept it in a secret place but unfortunately you can’t remember that secret place anymore or you might have lost it…. But you will clearly remember how it made you feel. The person who made you feel special. 


While you spend a very long time buying a gift what about the greeting cards along with it? Why do you have to choose the greeting cards with the same boring words with different designs? You might love the design of the greeting card but the words might not be making any sense. Or the words can be so poetical but the design makes your eyes hurt. Instead of spending hours choosing a single greeting card from many stores and getting settled in one which you don’t like the design or words just because you are exhausted and see the same card everywhere, what if we help you make it personalised to your choice? Yes, you can choose the template from us and the best part is, you don’t even have to worry about sending it to your loved ones. 


What is better than a personalized greeting card

How else you can make it more unique without your personal touch?


Dudus Online— A One-Stop Shop for Sending Personalized Gifts to India from All Over the World


Yes, you read that right! Where ever you are in the globe you can send your greeting cards even if you can’t send that sweet box. We can assure you it will be as sweet as your undeliverable sweet box with a golden wrapper. You don’t even have to worry about the delivery. Trust us when we say it is very simple for you to personalize your greeting cards. 


  • Select the greeting card template from our website
  • Give us your custom message, pictures, and whatever you need to add
  • Give us the delivery address


As simple as that. 


Within few clicks, you can customize your greeting cards online. You don’t have to worry about the repeated designs with slopy words that are available in every store. When words alone are not sufficient, bring your personal touch for your loved ones.


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