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11 Best Personalised Diwali Gifts That Will Win Their Heart

11 Best Personalised Diwali Gifts That Will Win Their Heart

It’s the time of the month where we exchange savories, lit up our homes and seek blessings of god. Regardless of one’s age, all of us await for Diwali and hope to celebrate it to the best extent possible. So when it comes to gift giving, why not take your gift giving to a whole new level using gifts with photos on Diwali? 

At Dudus online, we make it a breeze to personalise your gifts in line with the receiver and blow them away with a gift crafted exclusively for your loved one. From Personalised Diwali Card to Diwali portrait, you will be spoilt for choice at Dudus online!!! Take a look at some ideas:

Diwali String lights 

There can never be an end to a true love story. Get the good times with your loved one immortalized with fairy light picture clips. It also keeps their space feeling romantic, warm, and illumined.

String lights with photos on Diwali lend an ethereal look to their bedroom. It’s always a pleasure to adorn a bedroom with string lights, particularly when you can take it to the next level by adding some shots they will never forget. 

The possibilities are boundless when it comes to hanging them- they can use them based on their ideas. You can rest assured that they don’t overheat as its made of premium materials and absolutely safe to hold in hands too. Installation of string lights is easy as well!

At Dudus online, we can personalise Diwali string lights with photos of your liking. You can choose from string lights where you can clip upto 16 photos!!! Check out Dudus online for more!

Diwali string lights

Diwali Wooden Art 

The biggest reason why someone needs to have a keepsake they can cherish forever is that it keeps their memories alive and it is likely that the gift will continue to persist for generations to come. Diwali memories can be etched in their heart by Wooden Art with Photos on Diwali. 

Get a festive memory back in time engraved in premium quality wood. Your loved one could treasure it somewhere their eyes meet the soul and amp up that part of their home with this souvenir.

A personalised wooden wall art from Dudus Online makes the best relic for anyone fond of beautifying their home creatively. Plus, the texture of the art adds a touch of elegance to your already unforgettable reminiscence. If you assume that your loved one has a liking for anything wooden, then go ahead and buy Dudus online wooden wall art!

 You can make your choice based on the number of pictures available at an unbeatable price. We craft the souvenir with highest grade wood, so we don’t skimp on quality. Head over to Dudus online for the best Diwali wooden art in the market. 

We know how overwhelming personalising a present with a photo for Diwali seems. Whether you have the slightest idea of where to begin, then it might end up being an utter ordeal. Fortunately, creating a gift of your dreams is a cakewalk. Our gifts never fail to impress.

Diwali wooden art

Diwali Printed Candle 

From soothing bad energies around to bringing in a touch of festivity, candles are unmatched. You can personalise them with a photo of your choice and amaze your loved one. They'll appreciate the gesture and wish you wellness in return. You can also add extra meaning to your relationship with them with such personalised gifts with Photos on Diwali.

We at Dudus online help you flatter your loved one with a gorgeous, personalised candle made to perfection. The product is 7-inch tall with a diameter of 7 cm. 

Plus, if you’re looking for a present that promises great value for money, then Printed Candles which guarantee long-burn time can be your best bet.

Printed candles are a sure-shot way to add a boho effect in their room. Personalised gifts make perfect presents and so do personalised candles. By purchasing the personalised candles, it can seem that you have put a lot of thought into your choice as it’s one-of-a-kind. This makes your present unforgettable. 

Diwali printed candles

Diwali Photo Lamps

Personalised light up photo gifts show the care and gratitude towards them. So, this Diwali, ditch a run-of-the-mill gift and settle for a Diwali photo lamp that they will treasure forever!

Surprising those whom you hold dear with Personalised gifts shows them that you have gone the extra mile and it reflects in your gift. Gifts with a personal touch make them feel valued as it appears to have been picked just for them. 

Do you know that a photo lamp can amp up the decor of any space, be it a living area, bedroom? It definitely adds a sense of aesthetic charm to any room. 

At Dudus online, we use 3D printing technology to craft our one-of-a-kind photo lamps. We can add up to 4 best shared photos of your choice at the spaces no matter if its single or collage ones. Your loved one can also choose to hang or place the product according to their wish. This token of love can serve as a constant reminder of your unending love and care for them.

Diwali photo lamp

Diwali Greeting Card

One of the most conventional and time-honoured ways of conveying affection towards loved ones is gifting greeting cards. In this modern age and time, we all send out messages via mail, or social networks. And it may seem that gifting traditional cards can be outdated or odd.

However, the reality hits us differently that we all still have no problem in getting a greeting card via mail or in-hand. Gifting greeting cards shows those close to your heart that you care.

This Diwali, peculiar from giving out a generic gift, why not craft a personalised Diwali card? Greeting cards with a personal touch is an unmatched way to share the festive joy with those you care. These cards may appear to be worth a million dollars, yet they are way too cheaper than if you had purchased them from a card rack.

Diwali is drawing closer and nothing beats a card with photos on Diwali. Stop by at Dudus online and enjoy the latest offers while buying our gifts. You can also choose to personalise your gift with video messages too!

Diwali greeting card

Diwali T-shirt 

looking for a gift with photos on diwali with a touch of expressiveness? Then personalised tee shirts might be what you’re looking for. Select the image you like, come up with a clever tagline, then get it printed with us!

If you can gift them a photo album, good. If you can gift them a Diwali T-shirt with Photos on Diwali, better. A photo that they can actually deck up with this festive season can be fun and an absolute head-turner. 

Based on how well you’re familiar with your loved one, it will be beneficial if you derive information ahead of time regarding their body measurements, the better it is! Keep in mind that it’s a present, therefore you should make sure that everything falls in place correctly.

If you’re looking to buy a personalised t-shirt for a guy, then you should have some idea of his measurements. Or if you have no idea what it is then prefer l or xl. If it appears that the t-shirt is very big then they can use it as a loose t. If not then they can deck it as a fitted t-shirt.

If you’re running out of gifting ideas then a personalised T-shirt can be your best bet. You can also chat with us at us for design inspirations and personalisation. Get your hands on a premium quality Diwali T-shirt with an affordable price tag. 

Diwali T-Shirt

Diwali Photo Album 

When your loved one, be it your parents or your SP holds you tight, every worry and sorrow vanishes, as you can heal yourself in their embrace. Amaze them this Diwali with this token of love, which you can customise with images you feel special. A Diwali photo album as this would be a marvellous portrayal of your unrequited bond with them. 

Photo Albums were a huge hit even before the birth of digital photography. It can make for a perfect souvenir for the elderly of your family too, as they cherish touchable gifts, rather than zooming into the phone for clarity.

Another pro of photo albums is that the receiver can access it with ease, rather than digging through the hundreds of files in their PC. The real photos recount their favourite memories of Diwali, and bring back what they’ve felt amidst the festivities.

Leave behind your fears and be a little old school by gifting them a Diwali photo album. Check out Dudus online for our latest collection which you can personalise till your heart’s content. It’s a timeless gift that the recipient can flip through for a long time ahead.

Diwali photo album

Diwali Photo Puzzle 

Your grandparents were a special part of your life. Do you miss their presence? Are you looking forward to spending quality time with grannies and grandpas this Diwali? For the time being, they can do it with photo puzzles! Treasure the memories in a puzzle. Let their faces curve up watching picture puzzles while they draw each piece together and reminisce their fond Diwali memories!

A Diwali photo puzzle adds a new meaning to personalised gifts till date. It can also be the perfect gifting option for the tiny tots in your life too! Many studies proved that a photo puzzle can act as excellent stress busters, helps in short-term memory boosting, and perfect unwinding from screens for young and adults alike.

One of the best things about a photo puzzle is that while solving the pieces together, one can rewind all the fond Diwali memories right before them. They will enjoy each moment being spent on bringing the pieces together. Whether they’re solving a puzzle with 50 or even 100 pieces, they can spend quality time with their loved ones and enjoy the activity.

Diwali rangoli puzzle

Diwali Print on Mugs and Magic Mugs 

Best personalised mugs are a sure-fire way to win the heart of your kids. Immortalize their fond Diwali shots on mugs/magic mugs and watch their faces glow. Not to miss is the fact that mugs will remove their aversion to milk- see for yourself how quick it empties now!

Mugs also make for a perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts too! Let them begin their mornings with the right note with a personalised mug and reminisce about their good old Diwali days. You can also add a punch slogan, and elate them with a heart-warming gift. Mugs with Photos on Diwali also make for best keepsakes for employees/bosses too! 

No matter what the tastes of your loved one is, you will certainly stumble upon a gift that’s budget-friendly. Simply settle for the gift, adorn them with a message and gift them. This act won't make your present special. It’s the same thing anyone can gift, so is there anything unique about your gift that sets it apart from others? Personalisation is the answer! The premium personalised standard and magic mugs at Dudus Online are easy on your pocket. Take a look at them here.

Diwali Wall Clock

Is your person someone who is fond of decorating the nook and corner of their home? Then a personalised Diwali clock is for them! It’s something that never fails to impress anyone. Diwali wall clock can be the ultimate gift with Photos on Diwali for the little ones around too!

Diwali wall clocks also act as a wonderful home decor. Only if there is something personal that a house turns into a home. It is because of this that we develop an attachment with a home only after living in it for a long time. Thoughtfully picked gifts like a personalised wall clock can add to the aesthetics of your home.

Personalised gifts are a great way to show the special person in your life how much you appreciate and value them. Such gifts are matchless in front of the most expensive jewels. A Diwali wall clock from Dudus Online with Photos on Diwali can be one of the most cherished gifts. They help you take a trip down the memory lane of Diwali festivities with your loved ones. At Dudus online, we bring to you scrupulously made clocks that give out that aesthetic air wherever it is. For customisation and related assistance, feel free to chat with us on our website.

Diwali Portrait and Caricature 

Do you ever find realistic portraits or caricatures online or offline fascinating? You may find the sketches peculiar with sleek hands or an ear that has shrunk. 

Did you ever wonder who has made them and how, even thought of having a caricature of yourself. If it's a yes, then welcome to the world of portraits. How about getting one for your special person? Portraits and caricatures are the best way to memorialise a Diwali memory for years to come. 

Long back, portraits and caricatures were a thing of the Royal Family. However, in the present times, it's easier than ever to get one due to the surge of online stores. In terms of quality, value, and uniqueness, caricatures and portraits are unmatched. They are what a memorable present must be like. 

Personalised Gifts Help Foster Stronger Bonds

Gifts and gestures of appreciation can become more than gifts when they speak to someone's heart. Such gifts stand for your relationship with them. It’s neither a run of the mill gift like a chocolate box or teddy bear nor an easily forgettable gift. Gifts with a personal touch directly addresses the soul of the recipient. It fosters your bond with them and makes it even stronger with time. In fact, a bonding experience like no other.

Shop for Gifts with Photos on Diwali at Dudus Online by following these steps:

  1. Take a glimpse of our product range and make your choice. We have everything from greeting cards, wooden art, photo lamps and beyond. 
  2. Upload a photo/design of your liking. Make the most of personalisation options to actualise everything in your mind. 
  3. Take a look at the design one last time and ensure that it’s what you have envisioned. If it still calls for changes, then go ahead and make changes until you’re done. 
  4. Feel free to personalise your gift with a video message!
  5. Choose the number of products, and add the product to cart and pay.
  6. Once you’re done, sit back and relax. 
  7. In a timely manner, we will process and send your order.

We believe that you have finally got some gifting inspiration! We know how exciting it is to scan through all the gifts and make your choice. Well, your loved ones will just feel the same as you! Whether you are after something traditional, or something modern, we have something for everyone. Take advantage of our Diwali offer and save 25% today! Drop by at Dudus Online for more ideas. Wishing you a plentiful Diwali!!!

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