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7 reasons customized 3D printed lamps are the ultimate present in 2021

7 reasons customized 3D printed lamps are the ultimate present in 2021

Whether you’re 15 or 50, personalized presents are always acceptable. Nowadays, there are plenty of options to choose from, from mugs, coasters, pillows and even lamps, you can practically put your loved ones face on anything. Sometimes choosing a present can become difficult; you’re often not sure what the recipient might already have or what might be the perfect gift for them. Well, in those situations, it’s usually great to pick a memory of the two of you and put it on the cover of something they’re likely to use in their daily lives. With cups and photo frames being a little overdone, 2021 is the year of 3D printed lamps.


But, is customized the way to go? We believe so! It’s new, it’s innovative and it’s sure to light up your friend’s day, quite literally. 


Here are 7 reasons why personalized gifts make the best presents:


Adds a personal element:

Do you want to show your loved ones you appreciate them? Do you want to let them know that whatever they do, you’ll be there for them? But all that through a single present that says it all? Sounds tough, we know. But what if we told you there’s away. Personal elements can be added through customization to 3D printed lamps of your choosing and the best part is, you can make any occasion unique and heartfelt by adding a funny memory, a picture from a holiday or if you wish to keep it simple but effective, just add a quote, initials of their name or a date worth remembering.


Long term value:

Usually, personalized presents stick around for a while. Because they are usually engraved onto things of value and serve a purpose, the receiver tends to find a way to keep it around a little longer. We’re sure you’re conscious of quality and would not give that up for quantity, so we advise that if you’re spending so much time on creativity, add that element of oomph by getting top quality 3D printed lamps to do it for you. If you choose to go with a personalized lamp, decorate it according to your loved ones home aesthetic so they can keep it around for years to come and think of you every time they light it up.



It’s common to always think about what makes a gift “great”. What we fail to acknowledge is what makes a gift “bad”. Yes, that’s correct. There can be some terrible gifts to give and people often do make these mistakes. The worst sin to commit in gift-giving is to make it seem like it was randomly selected. Imagine receiving jewellery that you’ll never wear or a t-shirt with a rock band’s name on it, while you only wear formal shirts. Such presents will only end up in some corner of your house, often, only to be repacked and passed onto others. With personalized lamps, you can choose any base your partner or parent likes and design the shade accordingly. Adjust it according to their taste and make it look the way they’d like. With customized 3D printed lamps, the best part is you can only see the images and text when the lamp is backlit. So, whenever it isn’t, it would blend in exceptionally well with its surroundings. That way you’ve kept the present simple, useful, exclusive and memorable.


Makes every occasion memorable:

Every time your friend has a look at this present, they will be transported back to a certain time in their life or a certain memory they associate it with. Often times we take things around us for granted but if there’s a sense of ownership, it is likely they will remember all positive things whenever they light up their lamp.


Positive growth of relationship:

It is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your loved ones. When you put time and effort into a gift, it usually reflects in it. Your loved ones will see the thought you put into it and understand that it may not have been the easiest. We’re all so caught up with our lives that it can get quite complicated to take out time for other things, even for those we cherish. So going above and beyond to make someone happy with a well thought out present, like a 3d printed lamp, is a praiseworthy attribute on its own.


Sense of ownership:

With customized 3D printed lamps, there comes a sense of ownership. Often when you gift someone anything with their name or their face on it, it's highly likely that no one else in the home will meddle with it. Your friend and partner will most likely be the ones using it and looking after it. With impersonal gifts, there’s no sense of belonging and anyone can use it when they like. This is not a problem you’re likely to have with customized presents.


Stand out:

Usually what happens is that when you know what a person likes it's often common knowledge to everyone else that knows them well. And if they have a couple of best friends, chances are that two of them might end up with the same exact present. Though it’s never terrible having two of something you cherish, it can get lost in the crowd of similar presents. A problem like this would probably never occur with a customized 3D printed lamp as a present. It is a memory shared by you and the person you bought it for. Customization also gives you a wide range of options to make your gifts more personal, the font, the size, the picture and there’s no way someone would be able to re-create what you have planned. Even if someone were to get the same present, it's highly unlikely that they’d choose to customize their lamp the same way as you.


If you weren’t too sure about customizing gifts earlier, we hope you’ve got your answer now. Not only will this set you aside from the rest of the crowd, but it will also give you a ton of brownie points and put you in your loved ones good books. Customized 3D printed lamps speak volumes, much more than flowers and chocolates do. We promise you will not regret it!

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