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Frequently asked questions

  • At dudus we welcome all types of arts and crafts. Most commonly we recommend craftsmen to have their own origial handmade works to bring uniqueness to the gifting platform and also to provide a different gifting experience to customers.

    Below are the list of crafts that are commonly sold online

    1. Art
    2. Macrame crafts
    3. Jewellery
    4. 3D crafts
    5. Accessories like keychains
    6. Custom apparels
    7. Action figure models
    8. Custom story books
    9. And many more ...
    1. We publish your profile and work in all our social media handles
    2. We create a store link for you within dudu and place all your order to focus on your identity
    3. We take care of your digital marketing process
    4. We take care of your print media marketing process
    5. In short we ensure you grow along with Dudus Online
  • You will be supported from each stage of your onboarding with dudu and helps you to get your products on sale and delivery. For more details, register a sellers account with dudu and one of our team will be in touch with you.
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