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The best way to celebrate the special occasion as engagement is with a beautiful card. Buy handmade engagement greeting cards online at Dudus Online. Choose your favourite theme for personalized greeting card from our wide range of collection. Choosing a gift is hassle free process and is made easier at dudus online interface with a wide range of collection of greeting cards. Send greeting cards to India and personalized gifts to the newly engaged to make their day more merrier.


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Engagement Greeting Card


Greeting cards are the perfect way to express your heartfelt wishes. It can be a great way to convey your wishes to a loved one. It is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or a momentous occasion.


Engagement greeting cards have the subtle power to convey the warmth underlying the words of the messages. If ever one feels to communicate their hearty wishes for the engaging couple, what better way exists than gifting an engagement greeting card. It is the most common but effective way to slide inside the doors of the heart of the recipient. Words have the magic to weave tender feelings that can elevate someone’s special day. Engagement greeting cards can be customized with names or the special messages one intend to send. Dudus Online engagement greeting cards can be delivered to friends or relatives who are getting engaged, fiancé or fiancée, husband or wife, to siblings and all those one wish to congratulate on their first big step in a new relationship.


If you are thinking of sending your wishes to a newly engaged couple through greeting cards, you can use greeting cards to express your best wishes for a successful marriage. You can also use them to congratulate a couple on their engagement. You can even use them to congratulate a couple on their wedding. You can use them to wish a happy wedding day to a couple or to wish them a blissful married life.


The power of a greeting card is in the words that you choose to convey.


When it comes to design, a good engagement greeting card can be simple, yet it should be eye-catching and memorable. The basic layout of the card should include the name of the couple and the names of the recipients. You can also include the wedding date if you wish to. In addition to this, you can also include the date of the engagement. You can also include a message or a quote that best suits the occasion. Dudus Online wide collection of greeting cards provides you with the most beautiful collection of cards with the card editor option having options to add personal messages, favourite photos and more.


There are a lot of wonderful designs to choose from and this collection will make your search easy. Send greeting cards online with ease now.

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Engagement info

Paper type
220 GSM card stock.
Paper quality
Glossy smooth finish providing long lasting prints.
Other info
Perfect brightness rating for sharp and clear print results. Packed in matching envelope.
Packing mode
Labelling and packing
Craft paper colored envelope. A blank envelope is included if the order is sent to you. If the order is sent to them, address is printed on the envelope.

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