A decorative book mark made out of gloss paper and a waterproof coating. The unique dudu design has been crafted by hand making every one unique and one of a kind. Availablein several colors and designs.


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Dudu's bookmarks
A bookmark is used to keep track of where you are at in the book. Dudus Online has now made it possible for you to keep track of your cherished memories as well with its customized bookmarks. You can now personalize regular cardstock bookmarks with stunning colors and backgrounds and your favorite photos and sayings. When you will open the book with our customized bookmark in it, you will be greeted by your loved ones smiling face or a phrase that gets you going every time. Our customized bookmarks also make an excellent gift for all your nearest and dearest bookworms.
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Bookmarks info

Paper type
Printed on glossy thick card stock.
Other info
Comes as a pack of 5 bookmarks with single side prints.
Packing mode
Labelling and packing
Craft paper colored envelope perfectly sized to fit your order of bookmarks.

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