Magic mug

Create your own beverage experience with the Magic Mug. Fill it up with liquid and it turns into a unique, fun drinking toy – a great way to start the day or just add some fun to your morning coffee. This item makes a great gift for kids and adults alike!

Magic Mug

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The Magical Cup: A Fun Way to Drink Your Morning Coffee

If you're looking for something a little bit special in your coffee, look no further than the magical cup! This heat cup changes colour as the coffee heats up, adding an extra element of fun to your morning routine. Whether you're brewing a pot of joy for yourself or giving it as a gift to a friend, the magic of this cup is sure to please.

The magical cup is a feat of engineering and design. It's a colour-changing cup that can transform your drinking experience. The cup changes colour based on the temperature of the liquid you're drinking. The hotter the drink, the darker the cup becomes; the cooler the drink, the lighter the cup becomes. This in turn allows you to gauge how hot or cold your drink is, without having to use a traditional thermometer. The magical cup is also made from durable materials that make it resistant to scratches and chips, so it can withstand daily use.


The morning coffee ritual

Ah, the morning coffee ritual. There's nothing quite like it. Whether you like to drink yours black, with milk and sugar, or topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, there's no wrong way to enjoy your morning cup of Joe. But what about giving your coffee cup a little extra magic? This cool new invention from Japan is taking the internet by storm, and for good reason. The Magic Cup is a ceramic mug that changes colour depending on the temperature of your beverage. The hotter the drink, the darker the cup becomes, and vice versa. It's the perfect way to make your morning coffee a little more fun (not to mention stylish). So why not add one to your shopping list?


The cup's powers

A recent study has shown that drinking hot liquids can help to relieve stress and tension. Now there's another benefit to adding a little spice to your day. The power of this magic mug is so great that it changes color when hot liquid is poured into it. It's no wonder that this mug has been used for centuries as a way to change luck and bring happiness. Add a little magic into your life with this wonderful color changing mug!

Looking for a way to change up your morning routine? Why not try a magic mug? This unique cup comes with its own set of instructions and is said to be able to change colour based on your thoughts and emotions. Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or an energizing start to your day, this mug is sure to get the job done. With just a few simple steps, you can bring life into your drink - turning it from drab white to vibrant green or even fiery red! Whether you're new to magical mugs or simply want something different in your collection, this is one fun addition that's sure to satisfy. So what are you waiting for? Bring the power of magic into your morning cup today!


What are the benefits of using the cup?

The cup has a lot of other benefits, too. Not only does it make your coffee taste amazing, but it's also great for your health. The personalised magic mugs are made with high-quality materials that are designed to keep your coffee hot and your hands cool. It also changes colour to indicate when your coffee has cooled down to the perfect drinking temperature. This is a great feature for those who like their coffee on the sweeter side since you can avoid drinking it when it's too hot and burning your tongue.

Some of the benefits of using the magical cup include:


How magic mug changes its colours

When most people think of magical things, they likely think of spells and creatures like unicorns. But did you know that there are actually a few ways to make your own magical items? One way is to use a heat cup. 

A heat cup is simply a mug or cup that has been heated up using an oven or stove. When placed on your hand or poured over some hot water, the heat will cause the mug or cup to change colour. 

The magic cup is a simple demonstration of how temperature affects colour. When the liquid in the cup is at room temperature, the colours are evenly distributed. However, as soon as you add hot liquid, the colours begin to move and distribute according to the different temperatures. The lower temperature liquid will settle at the bottom of the cup and the hotter liquid will rise to the top. This happens because different colours have different levels of entropy (or disorder). The molecules in blue dye are more ordered than the molecules in red dye, meaning that it takes more energy to create a blue dye than a red dye. When heat is applied, the molecules in blue dye move faster than those in red dye, so they rise to the top of the liquid.

If you're looking for a fun way to add a little magic into your life, consider turning to a heat cup.


What is the science behind the magic cup?

The science behind the magic cup is fairly simple. When a liquid is placed in the cup and the temperature changes, it causes a reaction that alters the cup's colour. This is due to the various elements that make up the liquid and the cup. For instance, copper and other metals will cause brown or black staining, while iodine will turn purple. The science behind it is fascinating, but what's even more amazing is that each cup is slightly different, meaning that no two cups will ever produce the same colour change!


What it can do: the possibilities are endless

The possibilities are endless with this fun magical cup! Here are a few of our favourite ideas for how to make your morning coffee even more magical. One person could use it to store their memories, another could use it to access the information they couldn't otherwise get, and still, others could use it for miracles. The possibilities are truly endless. Whether you're looking for a way to keep your coffee warm all day or want to cast a spell on your enemies, the magical cup has you covered.

Looking for a way to spice up your morning coffee? Why not try a magical cup? These cups are said to possess magical powers that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to boost your energy or clear your mind, a magic cup can be just what you need. Here are some of the possibilities of this fascinating beverage: 


What other things can you do with the magic cup?

So now that you know how temperature affects the cup's colour, what else can you do with it? Here are a few ideas:


Impact of a personalized magical cup in gifting

Think of a personalized magic mug as your own personal way to experience the wonders of magic. With a little bit of creative imagination, you can create a mug that is uniquely yours, with your name or design printed right on the cup. Heat it up in the microwave or oven and watch as your custom design comes to life – perfect for warming up on a cold day!

When it comes to gift giving, nothing beats the power of a personalized magical cup. These cups, which come in all shapes and sizes, are perfect for adding a little bit of magic and fun to any present. Not only do they make great gifts for friends and family, but they're also a great way to show your loved ones that you care. If you're looking for the perfect gift idea, consider getting them a magical cup!


Ways to style the magical cup

The best part about the magical cup is that there are so many ways to style it. For a fun and festive look, try using different colours of paper straws. You can also add some fun decorations like sequins, rhinestones or even tiny flowers. If you want something a little more low-key, try using a metallic straw or simply leaving it plain. At Dudus Online we have themes that can match your or your gift recipient style and our personalization editor makes it easy for you to place photo prints on your mug based on your need. No matter how you decide to style it, the magical cup is a great way to add a little bit of magic to your morning coffee.


Tips for getting the most out of the magical cup

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your magical cup:

  1. The cup will work best if you use it regularly.
  2. Rinse the cup after every use and dry it thoroughly.
  3. Don't use any type of abrasive cleaner on the cup.
  4. Keep the cup in a cool, dark place when not in use.


If you love coffee and want to find a fun and unique way to drink it, the magical cup is definitely for you. This cup changes colour when you add different types of drinks to it, so you can have endless fun experimenting with different flavours. Not only is the cup entertaining, but it's also a great way to learn about different types of drinks. Plus, the cup is easy to use and clean, so you'll be able to enjoy your favourite drinks in no time.

Magic Mug info

Material type
Ceramic mug
Material description
Standard size ceramic mug with 235ml capacity
Other info
Base white color mug with your personalized design printed on outside. Pour your hot drink into the mug to see the magic for magic mugs.
Packing mode
Labelling and packing
Box made specially to hold the ceramic mug protecing it from cracks and breaking.

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