Dudu designs are meant to make you happy. We hope that our posters will help you make a little more of an effort than usual to see things through fresh eyes, and give your home or workspace a chance to look like it was painted by the latest late night TV talk show host or your favorite street artist.


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Dudu's posters
Do you want a high-quality poster of your favorite celebrity, videogame, or anime character on your wall but don’t want to get into the hassle of going to the market and get it printed? No worries! You can now get high-quality posters of your hipster choices and themes without going anywhere. Thanks to Dudu’s Online, you can find an impressive collection of posters that cover everything from pop culture to science. You can also order personalized posters as gifts with images of your choice.
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Posters info

Paper type
Non tearable paper
Paper quality
Non tearable matte paper ensuring long life for the product.
Available in black and white matching frames fits perfectly on the design.
Material description
Art prints available on Canvas, Glass, Acrylic and non tearable paper medium.
Other info
Available in A4 sizes. Printed on portrait and landscape mode based on the nature of art.
Packing mode
Multiple options
Labelling and packing
Order choosen with frames will be packed securely in a box. Orders without frames will be rolled up and packed in protective tube.

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