Framed art print

Framed prints are perfect for any home or office. They are an affordable way to decorate and look stunning on a desk, wall, or tabletop. Framed prints capture the essence of memories while offering an affordable, personal way to display artwork. We are proud to bring you our selection of framed prints, which offer inspiration and works by independent emerging artists. Each print is professionally mounted and framed using quality materials to ensure lasting enjoyment. Whether you choose a simple black frame with white matte or distressed white frame with a touch of color, our frames fit any style decor. All frames include clear glass and wood molding that protect the print from damage while in storage or transit.

Framed Art Print

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Dudu's framed-art-print
Very few wall décor items can convey class and elegance like a framed art print. Framed art prints have a quality that makes even the blandest of walls look classy and sophisticated. At Dudu’s Online, we offer multitudes of frame options with dozens of art themes. From landscape to abstract and wildlife to retro, you can find framed art prints of all themes and genres as a great gift for yourself and for your nearest and dearest.
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Framed Art Print info

Paper type
Premium 300 GSM glossy paper
Paper quality
Glossy and laminated paper to ensure highest quality and long lasting prints.
Available in black and white matching frames fits perfectly on the design.
Material description
Art prints available on Canvas, Glass, Acrylic and non tearable paper medium.
Other info
Available in A3 and A4 sizes. Printed on portrait and landscape mode based on the nature of art.
Packing mode
Labelling and packing
Packed securely inside a thick packaging box filled with materials protecting your prints and the frames.

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