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  1. Your choosen product

    You can view your choosen product details from this section.

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  2. Save designs

    Dudu understand that you might be busy at times. So we have created this awesome feature for you. Login with your dudu's account and you can save your designs in your account and you can resume the personalization once you are free to enjoy the personalization editor. Nice na... Happy editing.'

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  3. Product pages

    View all your product pages in this section. "Pages" will be opened default when you load the personalization editor. Based on the product that you have choosen your products pages will be shown here and its aligned in the way it's printed. Just click the pages to start load its contents and start personalization.

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  4. Pictures

    All the editable pictures in the selected page will be listed in this section. Click the image you want to edit and then upload a new image to replace. The uploaded image can be edited using our online image editor. Ensure you upload the highest quality image possible for a better print quality. If you have any doubt on the quality of image to be used click on the small info icon next to the header.

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  5. Messages

    This is where you pen down your message to your dear ones. Greeting cards will be having a full functioned editor with an option to format the message using color, font style, size etc. Other products will be having a standard text box and the edited text will be magically synced with the design of the product.

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  6. Print options

    Once you have done with personalzing your product, next comes to choose the size, frame type and other options based on the product type. This is the last action before you confirm the product personalization and add the final product to cart.

    Note: Few options like product quantity, size etc. can be modified from the cart page also. So don't worry if you miss anything.

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  7. Where the magic happens

    This is where all it happens. All your editing can be previewed real-time in this section. The photo updates, the text updates and all can be reviewed in realtime and the changes that you make are applied instantly. And YES. It's dudu's magic.

    Inorder to protect the design and your edited product, we have added watermark to most of the personalization section. Our system will be automatically removing the watermark once you have confirmed the editing and added the final product to cart.

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  8. The navigator

    Use the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to move around the pages of products. The selected page number/name is squeezed in between these 2 buttons for your "easier" reference.

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  9. Add to cart

    Click this button to add your final product to cart. Please make sure you review the product before your confirm your design and add it to cart.

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  10. Making a promise

    By confirming the order I acknowledge that I have completed personalisation of the order.

    By confirming the order I acknowledge that I have not included any hate speech or contents against Dudus policies and terms and conditions.

    By uploading the pictures, I acknowledge that the image is not pornographic and you posses the rights to distribute it.

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